World Anaesthesia Day

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People around the world annually celebrate World Anaesthesia Day on October 16. Although many would think, that this is a doctor like a holiday, actually it refers to everyone, because every patient benefits from painless surgical treatment.

World Anaesthesia Day is observed on the anniversary of the first use of ether anaesthesia by American dentist William T. G. Morton in 1846. He demonstrated how inhaling of ether may be used for painless dental treatment of his patients.

A portrait of Dr William Thomas
A portrait of Dr William Thomas

Discovery of the anaesthetic effect of ether allowed the further development of painless surgical treatment. Nowadays anaesthetists use different types of anaesthesia – general, sedation and regional. General anaesthesia suppresses activity in the central nervous system, resulting in unconsciousness and total lack of sensation. Regional anaesthesia renders a larger area of body insensate. And sedation reduces irritability, which is generally used to facilitate a medical procedure or diagnostic procedure.


Dr William Thomas carrying out a dental procedure.
Dr William Thomas carrying out a dental procedure.

World Anaesthesia Day is mostly celebrated by the anaesthetists. They organize and attend conferences, seminars and other similar events. The AAU is holding a CME to celebrate this day.

In the mode of celebration, some of our doctors decided to do a T-shirt challenge. Here are some pictures

2 thoughts on “World Anaesthesia Day”

  1. Happy world anaesthesia day to the Ugandan anaesthesia providers, especially those who work in the harshest of conditions!
    Let’s all continue to work for safe anaesthesia and safe surgery.

  2. JM Biribwa Mugumu

    To Our Great Heroes In Uganda,
    Anesthesiologists and Anesthesia Associates.
    On this important World Anesthesia Day ( Diethyl Ether Day)
    We tip our hats off for you for the great work you do:
    To help us undergo surgery
    Without apprehension
    Without pain
    Without shouting and cursing
    Without kicking around in despair
    Without being abandoned in pain
    while not knowing what is going on around us as we sleep,
    You have kept vigilant monitoring our vital signs
    You have neither abandoned us as we wake up and recover from the anesthetic sleep. You are our true heroes!

    You still do more miracles for us:
    Mothers- for Caesarean Section ( surgical baby delivery).
    When you eliminate the toughest of pain, the contractile pain of labor
    The worse pain of induced labor too
    With your magic trick
    Of injecting a pain killer in our backs ( spinal or epidural anesthesia )
    You then abate the painful and unbearable contractions of the uterus
    You sweetly talk to us and we can respond without pain-Not meant to be naturally!
    While the great doctor , your colleague, the obstetrician, both of you as great Magicians signaling to each other-
    About our well-being and that of the baby in that moment
    As your patient, I see you glancing at the machines blipping and displaying Different colors and numbers and am lost in thought as you record the numbers And jot notes on on paper.
    I see clear liquid bottles with tubes connected into my body
    With needles effortlessly inserted in me with so much of your care and expertise
    I listen to the soft music that keeps me hopeful
    ( I see no machine playing the music though!)
    It does not take long, I hear the baby crying
    “You magicians”, I quietly think to myself
    How on earth could I get my baby without pain
    Without pushing , how, how…?
    Suddenly my baby is shown to me and I feel their(his/her) warm skin
    Am awed and overtaken by joy!
    Yes, you eliminate surgical pain , I applaud you
    Yes, you render surgery bearable and worth paying for to save our lives.
    At least you have saved my family in this way several times. Thank you.

    Happy World Anesthesia Day to you all, the Heroes of Uganda and the world – Anesthesiologists and Anesthesiology Associates, you know yourselves.
    Please stay safe and fight COVID-19 . We shall overcome.
    JM. Biribwa…
    Syracuse, NY.


    without kicking around

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