CCV & Critical Care Training (ICU Equipment User Training)

Project area of focus

Critical care training, Regional Referral Hospital ICU capacity building, Mechanical ventilation, COVID 19 management preparation.

This project will provide intensive training to Anesthesiologists and nurses who form the core of COVID 19 clinical management teams at regional referral hospitals across Uganda. The training will be conducted at 17 hospitals, in a phased manner and will include modules on ICU nursing care, respiratory management and mechanical ventilation with the Comprehensive Critical care Ventilator (CCV). The project will be based on the following short courses: Critical care compressed curriculum for nurses and the Gradian CCV curriculum


AAU – Gradian ICU Crash Course and Equipment User Training


Dr Fred Bulamba, an anaesthesiologist at Mbale Regional Referral Hospital about the AAU -Gradian crash course training program that is going around the country. He tackles the following questions:

  • Why was the training developed?
  • What machines are trained on?
  • Who benefits from training?
  • Future plans.