1. PPE guide

General PPE Protocols.pdf

Perioperative PPE guidelines.pdf



  1. Triage and Transfer

ICU Triage algorithm.pdf

AAU:ICSU Perioperative Decision pathway.pdf

AAU:ICSU PPE guidance with level of community spread.pdf

  1. Airway management


5 things to know about tracheal intubation in COVID-19.pdf

Covid-19 Airway guidelines Full.pdf

Guideline Summary-Protocol.pdf

Intubation Protocol.pdf

Algorithms, Checklists and Visual aids

COVID-19 Airway management Principles.pdf

Intubation Checklist.pdf

Airway Assessment.pdf

COVID-19 Intubation Kit.pdf

COVID-19 Airway Algorithm.pdf

Emergency Front of Neck Access Algorithm.pdf

Intubation Team positions.pdf

Vortex Approach.pdf

2-Handed VE Grip.pdf

Post-intubation Step-by-step guide.pdf

Post-intubation Patient Summary.pdf


  1. Respiratory Care


Awake Proning protocol.pdf


Proning Algorithm and Video

FICM Proning Protocol.pdf
Conventional mechanical ventilation approach

Approach to Conventional mechanical ventilation for COVID-19.pdf

Intentional Mechanical Ventilator Disconnection.pdf

Combined COVID-19 Infographics.pdf



  1. Hemodynamic management

AAU:ICSU guidelines on Hemodynamic support.pdf

Inotrope and Vasopressor protocol.pdf


  1. Sedation, Analgesia and Muscle relaxation

AAU:ICSU Sedation Guidelines.pdf

Sedatives and Analgesics Protocols.pdf



  1. Staffing Design

Covid ICU Staffing Design.pdf


  1. ICU documentation

ICU admission notes.pdf

ICU Progress notes.pdf