CANECSA Training

CANECSA is working with national regulatory bodies to accredit training institutions in member countries. Training will be provided by CANECSA trained and accredited trainers. CANECSA training programmes commenced in January 2021. The 2021 training programme application period has now closed. Applications will re-open in late 2021 for 2022 training programmes.

Candidate registration for the 2022 training programme intake will take place in late 2021. The registration deadline will be December 31st every year for both Membership and Fellowship training programmes.

Requirements for Training Programme Applicants

  1. All Applicants must have full registration with the Medical Council of the country in which they intend to pursue the CANECSA training programme.
  2. All Applicants must be based in a CANECSA Accredited training hospital
  3. Applicants for the Membership of the College of Anaesthesiologists (MCA) training programme must have an undergraduate medical degree qualification.
  4. Applicants for the Fellowship of the College of Anaesthesiologists (FCA) training programme must have completed an undergraduate medical degree and either the CANECSA MCA qualification or another Anaesthesiology training qualification, such as a Masters of Medicine (Anaesthesia) or similar.

How to Apply to Join a CANECSA Training Programme

Training Programme Applicants should familiarise themselves with the CANECSA training regulations, fees and the application process before beginning the application process.

There are two CANECSA training programmes – Membership of the College of Anaesthesiologists (MCA) and Fellowship of the College of Anaesthesiologists (FCA).

  • MCA is a certificate of competence in anaesthesiology, it is not an exit qualification and does not confer specialist status.
  • FCA is an exit qualification conferring specialist status.

Both training programmes are for a minimum period of two years. Candidates beginning CANECSA training in January 2021 will be eligible to sit examinations in late 2022.

Applicants should have a passport-style photo, a copy of their undergraduate medical degree (and any other relevant qualifications) and evidence of their medical council registration ready to upload during the online application.

  1. The Applicant applies online here (online applications currently closed).
  2. Each application will be considered by the CANECSA Registrar and the Country Representatives for the country in which they are based
  3. The Applicant will be informed as to whether their application has been accepted.
  4. If their application is successful, Applicants are required to pay the programme entry fee to complete their registration
  5. On receipt of payment by CANECSA, the new Trainee will be supplied with all necessary information to commence the training programme.

Training Programme Entry Fees

Membership Training Programme Entry Fee – $500

Fellowship Training Programme Entry Fee – $600

Other fees that trainees will incur are examination fees (for candidates sitting MCA and FCA examinations) and a graduation fee (for candidates successful in the FCA examinations).

The CANECSA Curriculum is available here.