Who Are We?

The Association of Anesthesiologists of Uganda (AAU) is a registered company limited by guarantee incorporated in 2014 under the Companies Act of Uganda Act No. 1 of 2012. Uganda. We are a professional association comprised of expert clinicians, innovative educators and outstanding researchers who continually seek to advance the frontiers of Anaesthesia and Critical Care and provide outstanding care to our patients despite working in a “struggling environment’’.
The Association and its members lead in the provision of clinical care and in fact do look after patients who are critically ill or require expert pain management.

AAU was formed to bring together practising anesthesiologists to advocate for better work conditions and higher standards of practice for anesthesiologists operating in Uganda, a country where the practice of anesthesiology is just taking root with many people especially the general public not having well-defined knowledge of the relevance, importance and role of anesthesiologists in attaining the highest standard of health care possible and thus improving health outcomes for patients and the public in general.

Our Vision

A Uganda with the highest standard of practice of Anesthesiology and Critical Care where every patient enjoys the highest attainable standard of medical care.

Our Mission

To secure lives through the highest attainable standards of practice of Anesthesiology and critical care, strong education and learning programs that document emerging trends and best practices in Anesthesiology and critical care and promote a state of the art research programs and facilities.


We are proud members of the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA)